Knowledge is power. In order to achieve in the music industry, a person not only needs to be talented, but knowledgeable of the business of music. Gospel music is no different. Luckily, there is a yearly publication that outlines all of the business associated with the Gospel Music industry.

The Gospel Music Round-Up is sold for $20 plus shipping and it is worth every penny! This well organized magazine is known as “The Bible” of the Gospel Music industry, and rightfully so. It breaks down pertinent information such as:
– Album sales and buyer trends
– Upcoming music releases
– Industry events where new artists can get discovered
– Detailed list of radio stations (including program directors)
– Top entertainment lawyers
– Plus, valuable tips and tricks of the trade

You can advertise in this release as well. This is a good opportunity to be seen by numerous readers. They accept advertisements for various entities such as recording artists, management agencies and entertainment lawyers. The prices may seem a bit much for an independent artist, but if you have the funds then it is a good investment.

I advise anyone interested in working within the Gospel Music sector to purchase and study this yearly publication. I have personally used it for the past two years and have gained connections to events for the artists that I manage.

This publication does a great job of showcasing Gospel Music as not just ministry, but as a business. As with any entertainment venture, it’s not just about the art, but also about the work and logistics. For example, it highlights The Gospel Music Association as one of the premiere entities that an aspiring Gospel artist should join. Membership into this organization gives access to awards ceremonies, workshops and networking events.

It is also important to know the buying trends and sales history of Gospel music. While physical album sales of Gospel music was down in 2012 compared to 2011, digital downloads are up according to The Nielsen Company for the same time period.

It is important to educate yourself in order to succeed. These resources are great stepping-stones in the right direction. This is a great example of the Power of Gospel Music!

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