If I have learned anything through my endeavors as a manager, it is the importance of the DJ. Particularly for the independent artist, the DJ is the optimum doorway between you and a viable listening audience. In previous posts, I have talked about the importance of having a quality product along with packaging it correctly. Now, lets say you have done all of that. What is your next step? You have to find a way to get your product to the listeners. And, the DJ is your first step.
It is essential to understand the role of the DJ and the different forms they operate in. Whether radio disc jockeys, program directors, or live event DJs, they all have connections to an audience that you as an artist would like to gain access to.  So, it is important to appreciate their role in your success as an artist. For many, the DJ is the person who introduces your music to an audience. They are also the people who offer recommendations on what new music to buy and which concerts to attend. Their word holds weight. So, now that a better understanding of why the DJ is important has been covered. Next, lets move on to what you can do to make connections and build relationships with these individuals.
First would be to make sure your music is professionally mixed and mastered and is submitted in the format generally requested by DJs and radio. Typically, the industry standard for submissions is your radio single (not exceeding four minutes in length), along with the instrumental and acapella version of your song. Second, research the submission process for your local radio stations (including internet radio) and later expand to national and international stations as well. Third, connect to DJ record pools and alliances. These organizations are the best ways to reach a large number of DJs simultaneously. Many are eager to receive submissions and to give feedback on your music. 
Finally, be receptive and open to criticism and feedback. If a DJ or program director is kind enough to actually take the time to listen to your product and give their opinion, do not take it for granted. Show your appreciation for their time and consideration because more than likely, they receive a vast amount of music so it can become a real task for them to listen to it all. Now, this is not to say that you are required to make every change that is suggested to you. After all, your music is your artistry. And as a Gospel artist, you should be relying on God’s anointing and spirit to guide your musical sound. However, it is important to be open to suggestions that could enhance your music and ministry. And, from the business side of things, DJs offer advice because they are in tune with what their audiences like to listen to and respond favorably to.
Ultimately, it is important to fulfill the requests you receive from DJs. Consider it an honor if they request radio drops or introductions. Try to fulfill their requests in a timely manner. And, as with any good business practice, if you cannot do so, be sure to communicate this to the DJ that requested it. You want to be a person of integrity that keeps their word.
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