If you are serious about being in the entertainment business, you will require the need of an attorney at some point. We would like to highlight the services of Pearson & Mitchell, LLC. Attorney Robert A. Pearson, is the founding partner of Pearson & Mitchell and has worked with Power Move Management on several legal matters.

Attorney Robert A. Pearson is passionate about the law and how to best maneuver through the system in order to achieve the most favorable results. Attorney Pearson is a member of the Louisiana State, American and New Orleans Bar Association. He specializes in contract negotiations/disputes and intellectual property matters. Attorney Pearson has a heart for the entertainer and how to help artists protect and be properly compensated for their work.

We recommend that you contact Pearson & Mitchell Attorneys for your legal needs. Visit them online at www.pearsonmitchell.com and follow them on Twitter at PM_AttorneysLLC

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