Revive The Arts

Do you have lost, stolen or damaged equipment due to the flooding in Louisiana? Please be sure to register your information HERE.


I’ve always had a heart for musicians, artists and creative minds. As my home state of Louisiana deals with historic level floods that has left many with little to no remaining possessions, I couldn’t help but to think of the countless creatives whose art is their full time employment. While speaking with a dear friend, Clint Sanchez, we discussed ways to mobilize and find help to try and restore these musicians back to excellence!


We have partnered with several music manufacturers, production engineering companies, graphic design agencies and instrument repairmen that are offering significant discounts and donations to this cause. After collecting information from registered creatives, we will take the funds collected to purchase equipment offered by these partners. This help will undoubtedly assist in bringing our beloved musicians, artists and designers back to producing high quality art for all of us to enjoy … And, return a sense of normalcy, livelihood and employment back to their lives.


You can contribute to this cause HERE.

Revive The Arts

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