RSG Media makes professional debut with premiere of

PJ Morton’s “New Orleans Girl,” (Bounce Version) Dance Video.



Baton Rouge, LA: The newly formed RSG Media is comprised of three entertainment enthusiasts with over 15 years of combined industry experience in multiple entertainment fields. The namesakes of RSG Media, Alicia Rollins, Brandon “OneNine” Singleton, and Letrece Griffin, assume the roles of Creative Director, Visual Director, and Executive Producer/Branding Consultant.


With the approval of the Grammy award winning singer, songwriter and musician, PJ Morton, the trio created a thematic spectacle to compliment the bounce version of “New Orleans Girl,” which was released on Morton’s Bounce & Soul Mixtape in March 2016. The Friday premiere has been preceded by fan anticipation that has been eager for a visual compliment to one of the mixtape’s favorite songs.


The video makes a point to celebrate the rich variety of females who hail from New Orleans, along with breathtaking images of the crescent city via drone cinematography by Ontario Griffin.


Multiple elements of dance are highlighted in the video, including traditional, contemporary, hip-hop and New Orleans bounce. Special guest appearances by Tamika Jett of New Orleans’ Passion Dance Center, The Golden Hearts Dance Krewe and The Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale, all blend perfectly for a visual gumbo that leaves the viewer believing that there “Ain’t nothing like a New Orleans Girl!”


Additional photos for media purposes can be found here. The “New Orleans Girl,” (Bounce Version) Dance Video can be viewed here.

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