The Self-Love Tour officially begins in Baton Rouge, LA on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. LetreceG will be traveling to various organizations, churches and cities to speak about self-love, valuing your self-worth, and attainable goal-setting tips to help you achieve your best life!


The tour is based on her book, “The Write Way: A 21-Day Interactive Journey to Self-Love and Awareness,” which is available on Amazon now. She provides daily writing prompts along with personal stories, experiences and revelations to guide the reader in seeing their potential and moving them to greater levels of self-love, goal setting and goal achievement.


DON’T miss the opportunity to have LetreceG share her wisdom with you! She has offered workshops for audiences of various ages on topics ranging from making healthy choices, personal development, and faith. Each tour stop will include:

  • Teaching on self-love and self-worth
  • Goal setting tips
  • An interactive book signing
  • Free souvenir


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