I used to run track while in school. I was never really good at jumping hurdles, but I always made it through. I was determined to finish the race, no matter how long it took me or how ragged I looked at the finish line. My coach, who clearly knew that the hurdles were not my best event, never advised me against continuing. He provided constant support and encouragement.

I didn’t realize it then, but this is a clear metaphor for life. Would it have been easier for me to only focus on the sport I was good at and quit the one I struggled with? Yes, of course. But, doing so would not have taught me about struggle, overcoming adversity and how to be a team player. It also taught me how to be gracious, even when I’m not technically “winning.”

What are your “hurdles” in life? What do you struggle with or have to push your way through? Those are the things that you will look back on as giving you character and helping to shape you into being a better person … IF you allow it to do so. I’m preaching to myself when I say this too, but it’s essential to not allow life’s hurdles to stop you. Road blocks do not have to prevent you from reaching your destination. Of course, they may detour or delay you, but they do not have to stop you. You have a choice, do you stop at the hurdle and become immobile, or do you find a way around it? Some people jump clear over their hurdles with ease, some people clip their feet on them, others might bulldoze right through them, while others may run around them. Whatever the tactic, just find your way of getting through it. Don’t allow the hurdle to stop you from getting to your destination.

I came across this OUTSTANDING speech by Denzel Washington to a group of young actors. He speaks of perseverance, cherishing our gifts and believing that it is already done! Thanks to KevOnStage for uploading this clip. It encouraged me and inspired this blog post in hopes of encouraging others!



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