A vital part of creating a lasting and memorable brand is to have a compelling backstory that people can either relate to or empathize with. Similar to human nature, consumers are not just concerned with what product you are releasing, but they also care about WHY you are doing so. An effective backstory creates an emotional connection with your audience.

A person, or company’s, motives are just as important as the actions they take. By creatively telling your backstory, you are connecting with your audience in a way that reveals your motives and helps you to become viable in your respective market. In turn, you’re positioning yourself to achieve outstanding brand marketing and awareness.

Your brand name is another element that is vital in this process and needs to be protected. Whether you’re an artist using his legal or stage name, or a start-up company, the name being used for these creative works need to be protected. It is extremely frustrating to spend time operating under one name only to find out later that you have to change it because someone else already owns the rights to it.

You can protect your brand name by having it trademarked. A trademark is a symbol, word or words that are legally registered to represent a company or product. An example of this can be a logo. However, you can have various items trademarked, not just a logo.

Follow these quick steps to ensure your brand name is legally protected:

~ Find out if anyone else is using the name you wish to use. Google or Bing are most popular. If no results come up, that’s a very good sign, but it does not guarantee that no one else is also using your name.
~ The main search you will need to do is with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Be sure to search for various spellings of your name. If no results are found, then you are legally free and clear to file paperwork to trademark the name you would like to use.
~ It is highly recommended that you hire an attorney to assist you with properly filing trademark paperwork. This process is important to do accurately because owning the right to your name helps when you are building your brand and online presence. The domain name for your website and social media usernames are all examples of things that can be protected under proper trademarking.
~ If you cannot hire an attorney at this time, you can still file trademark paperwork on your own
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