We smile, we laugh to keep from crying, we overcome… Daily obstacles in life plague us all, and for many, trying to do this becomes overwhelming. The truth is, all of us deal with bouts of depression at some point in our lives. Whether its job stress, relationship problems or anxiety, levels of depression are serious and can become overwhelming if not dealt with properly.

The epidemic of depression has started to gain more attention with the celebrity deaths of Robin Williams and Simone Battle, but there are another sector of people who are struggling with the pains of depression. Ministry leaders, just like all of us, are faced with life challenges that can bring us down. The problem arises because ministry leaders are often the people who are sought after to help others with their problems, but who do they turn to when faced with challenges? There have been numbers reports recently of pastors and other ministry leaders who have committed suicide due to overwhelming feelings of depression and anxiety. Thankfully, there is an organization attempting to offer help.

You are cordially invited to 
“After the Song is Over: A One Night Revival”
Presented by 88 Keyz Productions
Join us on Friday, September 26, 2014 at 7:00pm at Elm Grove Baptist Church (1069 N. 38th Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802) for an unforgettable night. This event is for worshippers, ministers and leaders to be revived! We will be combating the spirit of depression, lack and loneliness that often plague ministry leaders. 
Reverend Thomas Bessix of New Gideon Baptist Church will be the guest minister. Dr. Liz L. West, who specializes in merging therapy and spirituality to promote mental health and healing, will also be giving a special presentation. 
This event will be both informative by providing information and warning signs about depression, and life-changing by providing spiritual guidance to overcome these obstacles. 
Even though this event is geared toward ministry leaders, it is sure to help anyone dealing with depression, anxiety or thoughts of suicide. I encourage you to attend and invite other who you think would benefit from such an encouraging event to help them with overcoming depression
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