The entertainment and marketing industry is filled with so many pitfalls that people understandably want to avoid. I am often asked if I am accepting interns or would consider being a mentor. I’ve always been careful to extend myself in this way because I wanted to make sure that I was truly helping and empowering others by giving the proper amount of time and attention that is needed to propel others into the next level of their careers.

With that in mind, I am beginning a roundtable series that will help others learn artist management, marketing tactics and business strategies. 

Making YOUR Power Move – A Roundtable Series with LetreceG, is structured to assist managers, artists, corporate personnel and non-profit agencies in learning how to increase brand awareness and maximizing exposure.

My Master of Science degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University has equipped me with knowledge that applies across the board from entertainment to corporate business and non-profit agencies. 

I am extending a special invitation to my followers and supporters …

Click HERE for more information on my roundtable series. Be sure to complete the short form at the end of the page to sign up for exclusive details about the series, including discounts, special seating and workshop materials. This will only be available for those who pre-register via this platform before official registration opens.

This series will also be STREAMED LIVE, so anyone in any part of the world can participate!

I’m looking forward to networking with all of you and taking this journey with you! We will learn, laugh and empower each other!

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