Having an online presence is one of the most beneficial things you can do in order to advance your career. It makes you (and your music) accessible to audiences you wouldn’t normally reach. The Internet has provided a somewhat level playing field in the game of distribution between independent and major artists. With online platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud and CDBaby, independent artists can release and distribute their music worldwide. There are no boundaries to the geographical area where music can be distributed.
Of all of the online sites, a Facebook Fan Page may be the most useful, particularly for new artists. If you do not have your own website, a fan page is the best alternative to remain connected to your audience on a platform that is highly recognizable and widely used. Also, it will assist in building your online presence, which is important. Also, an added bonus is that you don’t need money in order to start building your online presence. Of course, later on, finances will assist in bolstering your existing presence. But, first things first … think of your career as a house. You have to start building your foundation first.
Think of yourself as a consumer. When you visit a website, what are the things you wish to see? Photos, contact information, ability to easily purchase material … these are all items at the top of your wish list. So, format your Facebook Fan Page in that same manner. Be sure to accurately include all of the information that you yourself would want to see. Also, do not simply recreate your personal Facebook page onto your fan page. It should be a completely different experience for the viewer. Use different photos and new information on your Facebook Fan Page. Your fan page should tell the story of you as an artist, so anything unrelated to that should be saved for your personal Facebook account.
Susan Payton of Mashable.com provides a useful outline of things to remember in order to create an effective fan page. These include: videos, press releases and customer interaction. Also, be sure to invite all of your “friends” from your personal Facebook page to “like” your new fan page. Encourage your followers to have their friends do the same. Think of it as one large networking circle where everyone is connected. You create a connection and encourage that person to reach out and do the same.
So, now that you have successfully created your fan page, you may still be experiencing difficulties with reaching your fan base. Brad of the DIY Musician blog offers some helpful information about overcoming this obstacle, including encouraging your followers to get notifications of when you post something new to your page.

I hope these tips are helpful in assisting you in making the most of your Facebook Fan Page and increasing your online presence. Be sure to share your thoughts and experiences with me!

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